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errereOzzy Born on the island of Puerto Rico, Ozzy has lived and worked all over the world developing his tattooing and learning from different cultures and artists. England, Spain, Australia and New Zealand are some of the places worth mentioning, which gave him the opportunity to work in highly established shops with renowned artists, such as Inia Taylor.

After a decade of tattooing, it wasn’t until he devoted two years of working in New Zealand and Western Samoa, that Ozzy truly discovered his passion for Polynesian and Maori tattooing.

This experience truly formed a dramatic change in his career and led him to become one of the few people in the US who specialize in these specific forms of tattooing, with a legitimate background and knowledge of the art form and history of the patterns

Ozzy’s goal is to give his customers a custom designed piece of art that is specially made for them and no one else. He takes great pride in having the customer being part of creating the piece, which makes the ink on their skin truly original and one of kind works of art.

Now based in New York, Ozzy is proud to be the only artist in the city who specializes in Polynesian and Maori tattooing. He is continually dedicated into perfecting his craft by not only pushing his limits in tattooing different styles but also painting and taking art classes, which gives him versatility and truly completes his diversity as an artist.

Besides tattooing, Ozzy enjoys boxing and training at Gleason’s Gym and surfing the waves in the Rockaways.

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